The mission of the DayCare group is to offer, through its brands, the best personal hygiene and cosmetic products, adapted to the needs and desires of consumers, respecting the strictest standards and complying with the regulations of the cosmetics industry.

For Angola, for you.

Our aim is to understand consumers’ needs, habits and way of life. This is how we can add value to our products and differentiate them from international brands.

Imagens de Marca programme broadcast on SIC Notícias in October 2012

Confidence to offer the best products, for the following reasons:


All our products are developed in accordance with the needs and wishes of consumers. Investment in regular market research thus guarantees that the products we launch satisfy the needs of their users.


Research and development stages are of crucial importance for DayCare. This is why we use the services of international organisations to certify and prove the quality and safety of all our products. These include the Laboratory of the Dermatology Unit at Universidade Lusófona of Lisbon, the Microbiology Laboratory at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Inovapotek Pharmaceutical Research R&D and the Egas Moniz Applied Microbiology Laboratory.


Environmental concerns mark also influence the actions of the DayCare Group in Angola and worldwide. All the products and packaging created by our brands aim to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact, by using recyclable and biodegradable materials.

This way we can guarantee that our brands and values ensure not just quality in the present but also of a sustainable future.


We work in close collaboration with our partners, thus guaranteeing stable and lasting relationships. This way we can maximise resources and achieve the objectives of all those involved, adding value in all projects.